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Back in the 1960s, I attended many sports car events in the southeast, then in California when I was in grad school and the Northeast where I settled. I was never without a camera. These are some of my favorite photos.
Some of these photos have been published (e.g. Motorsport, Alfa Owner, several books.) I'm happy to provide images for publication; just contact me - links on my home page.
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Sebring 1967
Watkins Glen USRRC 1967
Laguna Seca Can Am 1967
Laguna Seca USRRC 1968
Mid Ohio USRRC 1968
Mid Ohio Can Am 1972
Road Atlanta Can Am 1970
Road Atlanta Can Am 1972
US Grand Prix 1970
I was introduced to sports cars and photography by my high school art teacher Howard Wolery. I am the preserving his images of racing in the 50s and donating them to the Watkins Glen Library. Here are some of his images.
Sample photos: Click on the thumbnail for a bigger image.

Ferrari Can Am Dan Gurney at Laguna Jim Hall

(L-R): @ Laguna Seca Can Am 1967

Denny Hulme / Ferrari Can Am / Dan Gurney / Jim Hall

Honker at Nashville Speedway

Howard Wolery's 912 reflected in a Fiat hubcap

My brother in the "Honker", a McKee - Traco Chevy - Troutman Barnes body, built (but never finished) for Roger Ward

The Honker testing at Nashville Speedway

Shelby at Sebring '67 Penske at Laguna Seca, 1967 Roger Penske

Carroll Shelby watches Jerry Titus in the Terlingua Mustang, Sebring '67
Roger Penske gives Mark Donohue the "high sign", Laguna Seca, 1967

Roger at Mid Ohio '68 in a button down shirt and tie-dyed jeans!

Mark Donohue at Mid Ohio USRRC 1968

Lothar Motschenbacker McKee Albert Sam Posey

Mid Ohio USRRC, 1968

Lothar Motschenbacher (sp?) at Mid Ohio - the best looking racecar there ( well maybe Penske's was equal!)

The McKee driven by Charlie Hayes, also driven by Paul Newman in "Winning"

Love the 'good ole days'. That's Gary Thompson who bought our car (the car I restored and raced 1993-2001) changing tires in the pits next to the Haas/Simoniz team.

Sam Posey spending his inheritance, in the Caldwell. More of the pits in the 'good ole days'!

Sebring 67 (L-R):

Alfa Tipo 33 / "Periscopa" air intake of the Tipo 33 / Ferrari Dino / Dino Engine


Remember when you could take a street car and run Sebring? Arutunov/Pryor/Marino Alfa Giulia Spider Veloce #54, Sebring '67

The #54 Alfa getting passed by another Alfa, a Tipo 33!

Brother Claude at Daytona, Paul Whiteman Trophy Races, 1967. (The same car I now race!)

McLaren at Road Atlanta Chaparral 2H at Road Atlanta Sucker Chaparral

Road Atlanta Can Am 1970

Denny Hulme McLaren / Chaparral 2J, the 'sucker car' / The 'sucker'

Cotati '67 Cotati '67 Cotati '67, Dick Smothers Cotati '67 Cotati '67

Cotati, CA fall '67

Anybody recognize this special?

How about this one? I think it's Merle Brennan

Dick Smothers in his racing days

Is this the Alfa Tom Sahines has now?

Another Alfa, owner unknown

GTA at Sebring 67 GTAs at Mid America, St.Louis, '68 Rasey Feezel's SZ at Savannah, 67

More Alfas:

GTA at Sebring 4 hr sedan race, 1967

Two GTAs racing at Mid America Raceways, St. Louis, 1968

Rasey Feezel in the ex-George Fogg SZ, Savannah, 1967

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