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Bodie, CA Ghost Town


Stationary steam engine

Old car engine

Wagon repair shop

Draftsman's office

Mine office

Mine office

Mine office

Mine office

Boone General store

General store

General store

Calendars, 1934

Auto parts, Maxwell radiator on left

Care and Operation of Automobiles

The Johl house

Lottie Johl, one of the prostitutes in town who married a butcher and became a respectable lady.

Parlor, Johl House

Parlor of Johl house

Johl house bedroom with George Washington portrait

A Lottie John painting in the museum

Roulette wheel in bar

FIre station

Fire equipment

Fire equipment

Bodie Hotel

Bodie Hotel -Phone Switchboard

Bodie Hotel Dining Room

Bodie Hotel Pool Table. Note tall mirror on right