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Watching his buddy who scored a salmon

What - don't you want to share?

Nope, I will not share my fish with you.

Look closely at the claws - that's one reason you do not want to mess with grizzlies. This is is sampling the leftovers from one of his cohorts.

This guy was so close you could smell him. Uncropped 200 mm shot.

What do you do when your back itches? Scratch it on a tree, of course.

Ooooooh, that feels good!

Two cubs way up the river, momma, we assume, is hiding in the bushes, and we ain't going any closer!

A bear across the river catches a salmon.

A heron landed near us.

Here is how they bring their trucks and busses to the base camp.

Getting ready to leave - that's Garry, our guide in the middle, and our boar behind him

What happens when you mate a tugboat with a Bobcat? You get a tiny, one man tug. These were the funniest things to watch, as they could turn on a dime and did not seem to be tippable.

Ready to board for our return trip. Sun at last!

Seals on a small island

Seals on a small island

Seals on a small island - barking at us for distrubing their nap

Gorgeous view in the afternoon sun

They have lighthouses too, but most of the lights are small and solar powered