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Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Not a clue on this one

The cakes of brown stuff are frankencense

Bargaining is the name of the game

Karen in front of some colorful dresses

The owners and their products

The spice souk includes more than spices

Lots of fabric

Karen bargains for a scarf

From a big selection

A really big selection!

These were the most exotic dress we saw - two ladies probably from Africa


The ceiling in the spice souk was woven mats

Moving the goods

This is a "fiber to the home" cabinet just outside the spice souk

Giant sizes, no problem

Like young guys everywhere, downtime on the smartphone

Extremely decorative dress seems popular everywhere we go in Dubai

And odd hair

Outside a small mosque. You are not allowed to recycle Qurans

You seem to be able to buy anything

I did mention how they seem to like gaudy

Next to the splice souk is the gold souk with hundreds of jewelers

And not just gaudy dresses

Lotsa bling!

Lotsa bling!

This is a subway stop. The tower is used on many traditional houses to bring air into the house

We took the tour to the observation deck on the 120th floor of the Burj Khalifa tower

The world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa was based on a design by Frank Lloyd Wright for a mile-high skyscraper for Chicago

This is a vending machine at the Burj Kalafi tower lobby. 1 oz gold coins, about $2000. We saw some people actually use it!