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Pacific Trip 2011

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Rural NZ, in a town where a company makes sculpture from corrugated metal.

Another town had a DC-3 made into a McDonalds.

Unusual flowers. It may not be native NZ.

Same flower opened up.

We were in Taupo a center for geothermal energy - but watching the steam rise near the hotel was fascinating.

This is a stream on the property.

I suspect you could boil an egg here.

A few miles the other direction was a river flowing massive amounts of water - and generating even more electricity.

The warm, moist climate was ideal for giant ferns.

Tour bus in Auckland

Auckland harbor

Karen and Auckland Harbor

This neat building was a ferry building

Clock tower at the University of Auckland

Inside the building

Looks like New Orleans

Doorway on the same house

It would not be NZ without "Hobbit Tours"

Inside the museum, in the old gallery, beside the new, modern one.

The old gallery

The new gallery

Art museum in Albert Park, exhibit

View to an outside exhibit

Exit through the gift shop...apologies to Banksy

Waiting in the airport - headed to Sydney

And I just had to try the chairs - really makes it quiet

Christmas ornament

Chinese house in Sydney

Now we're in Sydney, Darling Wharf