Trip To Northeast Utah, 2005

Karen and I did a driving trip to Boulder from San Diego (1080 miles, in can you were wondering) so we could visit some of the parks in NE Utah. The map here shows how much is nearby.

Arches is particularly interesting, but just west of Grand Junction, CO is the CO National Monument, a mini-Grand Canyon you can drive around.

If you get off I-70 just east of Cisco, you can connect to UT 128, which takes you to Moab. It is along the CO river, truly like driving along the bottom of the Grand Canyon, as you can see from the photos. DON'T MISS THIS ROAD!

Even I-70 offers great vistas as you cruise along, but belive the signs - there is a 108 mile stretch west of Arches with NO services - NONE!

Here are some photos.