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Some funny things we've seen

since we moved here

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 Believe it or not!

These are real things

we've seen here in California.


Have a " Heavily Armed" Xmas here in Fallbrook. They were blasting xmas music on the street too.

(larger version where you can read the poster!)

 In a similar vein, the poster on a uniform store in Escondido, complete with a recruitment poster for police.  

A long time ago at a post office far, far away.

Not really, San Jose, September 2007.

What do you buy for your dog at the Monterrey, CA aquarium?  
Roger Penske is bringing the Smart Car to America. Showrooms are easy to build, as any storefront, like this one on Abbot Kinney Ave. in Venice Beach. And for a special display, put a Smart car on the roof. Unfortunately, it would not fit up the stairs, so they had to use a crane.  
Only in CA do they warn you when you visit historic buildings.  
We saw this on the sidewalk in Santa Monica. If you look at the photo closely, the woman is doing something with a laser to the man's hand, so perhaps they burn your fingertips to prevent your holding a cigarette.  

 The LA County Museum had a great outdoor exhibit on spiders. Visitors, like the young gentleman below, really enjoyed it (heh, heh!)

The confusing part is not that they want you to "BRING A VIRGIN" but how you pronounce the name? Be-you-tee maybe?  
Is that instead of or in addition to drinking, eating, talking or texting on a cell phone, ?

Here in California, the favorite pastime it hanging out at the beach, watching the surfers. Even if you are a squirrel.


Sure you have heard lots about exotic "California Cuisine" but check out this Japanese restaurant's way of cooking fish at the table. They're good at repairing plumbing too!

P.S. The mackerel was delicious!

Yes, the real estate market was really bad in LA in late 2007, even for large lofts with big elevators.
What kind of weather causes wildfires? Low humidity and high heat, coupled with strong this.
So how bad is the real estate market in SoCal? Want to ride around and see? Foreclosure Express
All the NASCAR fans are not in the South. This guy in Escondido has his old Pontiac painted like Richard Petty's racecar of years back. Nascar Fans
And this guy converted his Porsche Boxster into a lousy replica of a much more expensive Carrera GT. Bad Porsche




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