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Sunset Crater

Sunset Crater is one of several volcanoes which erupted around the area, flowing lava and shooting ash over the area.

Layout of the area.

Robinson Mt. (L) and O'Leary Peak (R). Good Indian Names, eh?

More of the lava field, with what seems like a smaller crater (or mine) in the upper left.

The flat areas are all cinders or lava.

Another cone nearby.

Sunset Crater, near Wupatki. The high hill is the remains of a volcano that erupted around 1040-1100.

The ash and cinders have a texture that looks like blowing (black) sand.

Lava flowed twice around the base leaving this lava field, called Bonita. The mountains in the background (San Francisco Peaks) are just north of Flagstaff.

Mountains in the distance (San Francisco Peaks) are just N or Flagstaff

Trees poking through the snow on the cinders. Converted to black & white

Great old tree limb with unusual yellow coloring.

O'Leary Peak

Distant mountains - San Francisco Peaks

And a few miles away, looking off the hills to the desert beyond.