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Humans or Reasonable Facsimilies

I'm threatened by art, 2004

Miss and Piggy, 2005

Karen, Radio City Music Hall, 1971

Is that a real girl back there?

National Gallery, Washington, DC 1966

Kendo, MIT, 2002

George Washington by Horatio Greenough, 1840, in the Sminthsonian. See

Venice, ~ 1990

Gallery chores, 2004

Curiosity, NYC, 2004

Gatekeeper, Abu Simbel, Egypt, 2004, see

Carroll Shelby, Titus in the Terlingua Mustang, Sebring, 1967

LA Art Festival, 2005

Mike and Dan at the Meteor Crater, AZ ~1988

Heads - House Tour, Santa Monica, CA, 2006

Stroller races, 2006

Mardi Gras Queen, La Paz, Mexico, 2004

Karen framed by art, 2004

Marilyn's Eyes, Venice, CA, 2004

Musician, Valley of The Kings, Egypt, 2004

Bob Mitchel, the world's oldest organ player, at the Orpheum, LA, 2004

Wedding kiss, 2004

Evolution, NYC, 2002

Blond, NYC, 2004

Stumped souls, 2006

Kendo, MIT, 2002

Angels, Mission Santa Barbara, 2002

Wooden Statue, Photoshopped, 2005

Wooden Statue, Original, 2005

This photo and the one to the right were taken two separate days in New York City, 2006