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Musician, Valley of The Kings, Egypt, 2004

Pew, Misson, Tuscon, AZ, 2002

Fallbrook, 2004

San Simeon, indoor pool, 2002

Evolution, NYC, 2002

Tivoli, Copenhagen, 1975

Snow, barn, NC, 2006

An old water tank in Rhyolite, NV

Fallbrook Angel in the fog

Stretch, SFMOMA

South of Carmel

Sunrise, Grand Canyon

Only in CA: Palm trees in the desert framing a sunset on snow-capped mountains.

Buildings, downtown San Diego

Oceanside Beach, Dusk

Ghosts along the beach

Globe on the ceiling of LA Public Library downtown

Stairs, LACMA

Boston City Hall

That's us in Death Valley.

Bottle House, Ryolite, NV