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Sedona & Oak Creek Canyon

Sedona is built in the middle of "Red Rock Country" and everywhere you look it's like this.

We arrived just at sundown when the light was perfect for photography.

All the rocks were gorgeous,

The downside is Sedona is overdeveloped - practically every fantastically beautiful rock formation has development right next to it.

Cathedral Rock

Cathedral Rock from the river.

They're everywhere you look

At least the property owners have good taste in fences.

GIANT rocks - this pair must be 1 mile long

From another angle

This one along probably wieghs as much as Pluto.

And more....

And more....

And the fading light

And more....

And more....

And more....


Going north out of Sedona on 89A, you go from desert to high forest in Oak Creek Canyon

The road in the canyon has to take a few loops and switchbacks to get up the mountains.

Oak Creek Canyon in the morning, looking South.

Volcanic rock solidified into columns like the Devil's Postpile (See the Sierras trip Summer 2007)

High altitude in February means snow