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Long Beach GP 2008

Last time for Chanp Car.

Long Beach GP: Watching racecars through multiple chain link fences was no fun. Heck, let's watch the crowds.

Let's see, we have popcorn, cleavage...

Will the weather be hot or cold?

Always time to catch a few rays between sessions.

Can you hear me? There are cars and airplanes all around me.

Planes, cars, both OK as long as they go fast.

Promoting Red Bull Air Racing

And then, I bit his #$%^&*()_ head off...

"Sugar" and "Daddy"

I can't throw all the way up there.

Fans of all ages.

He's gonna crash!

A very diverse crowd shows up.

Cool hats. Check out the wings.

Check out the wing on the hat! Bet it creates a lot of downforce.

Love the lei.

Hats are required in the hot sun.

No, really.

What is it about Ferrari hats?

In fact, Ferrari gear just never looks cool.

No hat. I was blinded by the reflections.

At least this "chrome dome" had a hat.

A very diverse crowd shows up.

Racecars are LOUD.

Ear protection.

Racing can be a nice family outing. And using earplugs makes sure you can't hear the kids complaining and they cannot hear you.

We had a long conversation with them about the 60s CanAm series.

The tattoo I can dig, but the bandolier on the friend - with missing ammo, I dunno.

But first I had to shoot a photo of them with their own camera.