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Orcas - Telegraph Cove

Telegraph Cove, an isolated cove with little going on but whale watching, lumber and docking the occcasional UK millionaire's yacht...

The day we went out was rainy and foggy - and COLD!

Fog hung on the mountains beside the water. The area is noted for it's high mountains that are higher than the Canadian rockies and continue down at the waterline. Where we were the depth was sometimes close to 5000 feet.

Kayakers are everywhere.

A Dolphin swimming alongside the boat

Tugboat pulling a dredging barge in the fog

Everybody watching for Orcas

First sighting

It's an ORCA! Note the beige spot and the nick onthe dorsal fin - and the miserable weather - fog and a light mist

It's a known pod, or family that have been well tracked

Surfacing to "blow"

Cruising on the surface

Male or female? You can tell by the fins.

In the background is one of many lumber processing facilities along the coasts

Members of the pod

3, including "Wrong Way Orcagan" in the foreground

4 now, with the typical background: pines

Half out of the water

Finally saw some flukes, with kelp hanging on it