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Canada Trip September, 2007

Foggy ride from Anacortes, WA to Victoria, BC

Now that's a fog bank

Canada has SmartCars already.

Seaplanes are used for transportation in Victoria Harbor.

Glass dome ceiling in Empress Hotel, Victoria

Window at Empress Hotel, Victoria

Victoria and Vancouver had an inordinate number of nice cars driven and parked on the street. Ford GT-40, Victoria

Seaplane landing, Victoria

Parliament Building, Victoria

Empress Hotel on Victoria Harbor.

The apple tart with caramel ice cream was super, but the fork was hard to use...Restaurant NU, Victoria

Logs gathered for towing to a mill.

The old engine.

Ancient train, used we asssume to tow trainloads of logs since it was at a logging camp.

Giant smoldering mountain of sawdust

On the ferry from Nainamo to Vancouver.

On the ferry from Nainamo to Vancouver.

Looks like the bleachers at a PEZ playoff game, Vancouver, 4th St

You got your orders!

Don't say you have not been warned.

Feeding frenzy.

No camping, no fires, no martinis, no leashes, NO CLOTHES!

What you you think about having this parked in your driveway?