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since we moved here in 2003

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This is what happens when you ask your gardener to remove some grass. They roll it up and take it away like a carpet.  


Where else but California would someone sell "Fat Free" water. But that's not all. Someone is selling "wetter" water too!

 And who was the designer of this high fashion item?  
Who says suburbanites don't go "off road" in their SUVs?  
 A vendor in LAs Farmer's Market knows how to show the origin of his sausage.  
 From the same state that brought you "Fat Free Water," we show the only crowded food both at the San Diego County Fair...  

 I don't know where to start in describing this window display in a shop selling purses near the design center in LA. Any ideas?

And check out the shell dress and grass bra from store windows in La Jolla.



Visitors to Beverly Hills' exclusive shopping district on Rodeo Drive are now greeted by this polished aluminum female torso, which we now call "The Monument To The Unknown Plastic Surgeon." Needs a little liposuction on the thighs, don't you think?

 San Diego Union Tribune, Tuesday December 2, 2003

All in the name of science...

Oh, are they paying $50/hr or charging...

 No, this is serious! A freak hailstorm did this to LA! Click here for the larger, readable version.  
 Yep, another headline from the San Diego paper. But read the whole thing - it's a new spin on the out of control soccer-mom in a - what else - Volvo station wagon. And you thought the O.J. chase was exciting!  
In  Venice Beach, even the bums have a sense of humor!  

In Santa Monica, you never know who you may run into, right Karen?

We missed getting a photo of the guy with the "Psychic Cat" who told our son Dan's fortune.

 Californians tell it like it is.  
 And love coffee. From the "Chubby Chix" shop in beautiful downtown Fallbrook.  
 Food? What does food matter? It's DRAMA we crave!  
Everybody in CA is on a "low-carb" diet!  

OK, we cheated a bit on this one.

Behind Karen's head, it says "Center"


 A manhole cover outside the LA Convention Center says "City of LA - Made in Mexico" How prophetic!

But elsewhere in the city, they have other theories!


 Seen on a pickup truck in Fallbrook. May have some relevance to quality of local schools.  
 Don't worry about the kids, the pets are smarter (see above.)  
 Store window in Hillcrest, a San Diego neighborhood  
 These next two sorta go together. This is California, where customization doesn't stop with the chrome wheels on your SUV.  
 No mention of changing them with each outfit, to match the colors.  
 Yep, that's Karen. Tiara and all. In Califronia, Nordstrom makes you feel like a queen...

 Sure, go ahead and walk your pet !

Sign at a rest stop on 101 N of Santa Barbara.


 Don't Hide, There's More Coming!

Don't Miss Any Of The "Only In Califormia" Pages
#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, 11, more coming
(Go to the end for the latest photos)

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