Only In California 11

Some funny things we've seen

since we moved here

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 Believe it or not!

These are real things

we've seen here in California.


Who says the rich don't understand entitlements?
It says "because other waters don't have magical powers, and these kind of do."
Magic water
Want to drink a "bio-engineered" drink? (Franken-Fizz?)
 Want to drink a "bio-engineered" drink?
Some of the funniest signs are the most obvious ones - but c'mon, the water in the fountain is only about a foot deep.  Danger - water
Cultural differences in Southern California: The ad on the right ran in the LA Times as you see. In the San Diego Union Tribune, they retouched the girl's butt.
Different ads in different papers
It pays to have a big sign advertising what you sell.
Reserved for Glitterati: The San Diego Natural History Museum takes care of its Glitterati!
Reserved for Glitterati
Broken dreams - a garbage can at a Fallbrook Gas Station Broken Dreams
The Oceanside Museum of Art had a special exhibit on tattoos and invited some tattoo artists and exhibitionists. Tattoos 
Editorial comment by Microsoft? Magazine counter at LAX Job's Nose
Charlie Chaplin in the lobby of the Bradbury Bldg. in LA, where some of the movie Blade Runner was shot. Charlie Chaplin
Never know what will be used as an ad headline, or what can get past editors. Nakes Trees
Well, I bet it helps find the right truck in a big parking lot. Antenna ID
Promo for the movie "District 9" Bus bench for humans only
It's the artist's instructions It's the artist's instructions
The Richard Nixon Eggplant - should have been in Whittier at his library. The Richard Nixon Eggplant
Since it's California, there's probably valet parking too.
(PS - it's for a company named "RIOT")
Riot Parking
All around LA you will see trucks carrying props for movies. Army Trucks
In California, people communicate by license plates. But is this just a warning about the poor driver of this vehicle?  License plate
That is a real guy and he does look like that. Our son worked with JD at SONY. JD's Sauces 




Don't Miss Any Of The "Only In Califormia" Pages
#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, 11, more coming
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