Only In California 6

Some funny things we've seen

since we moved here

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 Believe it or not!

These are real things

we've seen here in California.


What's this on the grounds of Beverly Hills High School?

It's an oil well! Straight out of the Beverly Hillbillies, but a serious environemental concern for many parents.

 Beverly Hills Oil Well

Seen in the UPS Store in Fallbrook.

How do you package a 3-bladed propeller to ship it for repair?

The evening show at a bar in Hillcrest. Want to guess at the gender of the participants? Does it matter?  Miss Gay California
In case you get pissed at the driver, you know who to complain to!  In control
Home on the range - rover...  
Downtown LA, Hat Shop, Cutout of Jane Russell  

 The light and the feet on the mural are in scale.

Movie shoot, downtown LA

 Movie shoot
Does the owner get a handicapped sticker for their car? According to a recent article, one in ten CA drivers have one. Most, we believe, are "mentally handicapped."


 handicapped dog

 Decorating with stuffed horses wearing a derby is certainly "funky"


Dana Point, Sunday afternoon. Nutcase pilot. Each week, several fatal small plane accidents occur in CA.
Dana Point, Sunday afternoon. Closeup
Take Marilyn home with you. $10. Cheap.
California, home of the drive-through wedding and funeral, now offers drive-through flu shots.

Did someone shoot him? Should learn to not bring bad news!

Hollowood Forever Cemetery.

Apparantely, he had nothing to do with the space program:

Hollywood, California

A visit to Hollywood Memorial Park; Cemetery of the Stars will lead you to the Atlas Rocket gravestove of Carl Morgan Bigsby, an artist whose greatest achievement appears to be the selection of his headstone

From "Roadside Rockets"

 When we visited the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, a member of our party was attacked by a black swan...before we found the warning sign.  
 What else do you call a cartoon exhibit?  




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Don't Miss Any Of The "Only In Califormia" Pages

#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, 11, more coming

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