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Frey House Palm Springs

Albert Frey, a well-known Modernist architect in Palm Springs, deisgned this house for himself. More on Albert Frey, Architect  

It's on a hillside just above the downtown Palm Springs area.

Perched on a hillside

With a spectacular winding road going up to it.

We toured it with a group out of the Palm Springs Art Museum, a nice little museum, BTW.

Here's the spectacular view from the house.

Climbing up the hillside to the house.

Great views in all directions.

The front patio includes a small pool - watch your step!

The walls of the house are almost all glass. The roof is corrugated metal.

Inside, the ceiling is also corrugated metal, but perforated and separated from the roof by insulaton.

The house is tiny - maybe 900 square feet max.

Rather than move this boulder, it was built into the wall. The window is inset in a groove.

Details on the rock. Note the light dimmer inset in the rock.

This is the bedroom. All glass walls, few curtains, no sleeping past sunrise.

View from the bedroom.

The pool from the bedroom sliding door.

Built-in living room furniture. The cabinet has a built in stereo and turntable.

The floor is stone, covered in places by carpet.

View of the city and the deck from the bedroom added later for his lady friend.

The kitchen.

Poured concrete seats surround the pool.

View of the neighbor's house.