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Animal, Mineral, Vegetable

Golden Palm, Joshua Tree Nat'l Park

Dandelion. from below

Jellyfish, Monterey Aquarium, CA, 2002

Flower - Hollyhock House, LA, 2003 (D)

Submerged Tree, Baja CA, 2004 (D), See

Hummingbirds, backyard, 2004, see

Spotlight, SD Wild Animal Park, 2004

Curiosity, NYC, 2004

Butterfly, 2004

Ladybugs, , SD Wild Animal Park, 2005

Painted Lady Butterfly in the backyard, 2005


Butterflies (2 of them), San Diego Wild Animal Park,2006

Crane, Oceanside, CA, 2005

Owl, Galapagos, 2001, see

Frog, 2005

Happy, Lazy Cat

Comfy place for a nap, 2005

San Diego Wild Animal Park, 2006

San Diego Wild Animal Park, 2006

Floating Flowers, Mexico, 2006

Flower and Feathers, San Diego Wild Animal Park,2006

Hibiscus, Biltmore Estate, Ashville, NC, 2006

Salton Sea Panorama, 2006

Dragonfly, 2006

Spider and the moon, 2006

Leaf with Dew, 2006

Flowerbee, 2007

Fallbrook, 2004