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Beirut, Lebanon

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Flyhing over the Saudi desert to Beirut

Going close to the Iraq border and Bagdad

Interesting snow patterns on the coastal mountains in Lebanon

View from our hotel window

And in the other direction another mosque

And on the other side of the building, another mosque, two historic churches and a Roman forum

This area was the front lines during the Lebanese civil war and is now well fortified

Most buildings had auxiliary power systems since the power goes out often

Looking down from breakfast into the pediestrian mall around our hotel

The walls of a building across from our hotel shows the effects of the civil war

Graphic on a building on the street

Our hotel served breakfast on the 5th floor balcony

Looking the other direction - the Mediterranean Sea

Our waiter for breakfst and some of their breads

Next to our hotel was a Orthodox Church dedicated to St George, and on the location where he slew the dragon

The church had been built and destroyed many times, as documented by the history museum in the basement

The museum of the church

The layers of dirt broken into time periods - couldn't capture the Phonecians at the bottom

Crosses dug up when they excavated the basement of the church. One of left is unusual.

The two large crucifixes are keys to the church

You could walk through the building and see the history uncovered

Many burials were discovered in the basement

Roman mosaics

Looking up to the church ceiling

Looking up at the altar

Street vendor selling manakeesh - rolled sandwiches

Manakeesh with cheese and veggies, like a rolled pizza

Martyr's Square - home of many demonstrations was minutes from our hotel

Look closely - the statues are riddled with bullet holes

The Mouawad Museum is a private museum filled with the collections of a famous Beirut jeweler

Beautiful grounds, even more ornate indoors but no photos permitted.

View from the grounds