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Dubai and Abu Dhabi

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Dubai "taxi" called "abra" that carries passengers across Dubai Creek" that splits the city

Behind the abras are the boats called dhows that trade in the Arabian Gulf

Sailor on a dhow

The dhows are colorful but well worn, with friendly crew

Two of the larger dhows

Everything but the kitchen sink

Furniture ready to load on a dhow

A refrigerator on the docks

One guy carrying a refrigerator to load on a dhow. This side up??

Loading it on the dhow - probably headed to Iran

Since the trade is mostly with Iran, their banks are near

Another big Iranian bank

Relaxing on their abras

Local snack bar in the shape of a dhow

Coconuts and fress fruits are favorite snacks

This is a chain retail store in UAE

You see all kinds of dress in Dubai

A store specializing in ...

Lots of selection

Interesting carry bags, just for carrying your money

Most of the vehicles are familiar, like this giant Ford F150 pickup

We visited the Dubai Museum which details thousands of history of the region

Spice Souk (Market) in Dubai

In the spice souk (souk is a market)

Dried lemons used as a spice

Lots of unusual spices

Many unusual and exotic

Star anise

Spice mixture