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Ramses, Luxor Museum, 2004, see

Reclining Ramses, Memphis, Egypt, 2004, see

Lick Observatory, 1967

Zalim Bunker Hill Bridge, Boston




The top of the Chanel building, Rodeo Drive

Yosemite, 1967

Yosemite, 1967

National Gallery, Washington, DC 1966

Nurenburg, Germany, 1972

Cave, Sonoran Desert Museum, AZ 2002

Karen, Radio City Music Hall, 1971

Boston Common, 1970s

Venice, ~ 1990

Gatekeeper, Abu Simbel, Egypt, 2004, see

Mike and Dan at the Meteor Crater, AZ ~1988

Paris Hotel, Las Vegas, 2006

Sunrise, CA, 2006

This photo and the one to the right were taken two separate days in New York City, 2006

The velvet painting provides an interesting contrast to the garbage bags on the other photo..., 2006

Staircase, gallery in Chelsea, NYC, 2006

Positive ID by Print, MOMA, NYC, 2006

Salton Sea Panorama, 2006

Smokies, 1972

Smokies, 2006

Baja, 2004

Baja, 2004

Temple of Khnum, Esna, Egypt, 2004 Looks like H.R.Giger!